Acrylic & Polycarbonate Fabrication


Acrylic Sheets and Fabrications

We supply full acrylic sheets and also cut them to size. Available in both clear and coloured sheets they can be folded in sheets up to 1800mm long beyond 90 degrees for fabrication.

Some of our acrylic fabrications include, display boxes, food display cabinets, cake stands, competition barrels, windscreens for boat and many other unusual needs.

We also we have rods and tubes which can be utilised for things such as cake stands etc. Gluing can be done with thin solvent cement by wicking or thicker solvent glue putting in the joints then placing surfaces together.

Caravan, Campers and Boaties – Great products for you glasses and plates to avoid having to pack away each time you move to avoid damage in transit. This allows you to have nicer fragile glasses and china rather than plastic. These racks and trays can be made to suit your available storage area and your glasses and plates size.

Polycarbonate Sheets (Lexan) and Fabrications

We supply full sheets and also cut to size in clear and tinted UV Treated both sides, this product is able to be folded cold in a metal folder and can be glued with solvent glues.

Both of the above items are very versatile and have a wide range of uses.