Latex and Silicone Mould Making

Fill soft brush with soapy water and gently squeeze out excess. The purpose of this is to make the brush easier to clean after using. Dip the brush in the Latex and coat whatever model you are copying, being sure cover all the crevices and not allow any air spaces to remain. If necessary, you may dilute the latex compound with a little water for the first coat only, to make sure that it flows into all the crevices. If any bubbles appear on the surface, blow gently on them to break them.

When the rubber appears set, which will probably be evidenced by a change in colour or the rubber losing its milky cast which has when wet, apply a second coat of latex and as many coats as necessary drying in the same way. Build up enough coats to make sure that you have a good film of rubber, say perhaps 3mm to 6mm.

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